About Us

The environment is home to many living creatures. It is essential to keep environmental balance for the protection of all the living creatures and human beings. Increasing industrialization, agricultural revolution, and modernization has led to depletion of environmental conditions. This has undesirable impacts on the health of people and living creatures residing in such environment. Our countless biological diversities are on the verge of extinction.Therefore, it is necessary that every community, society and whole nation should be competent for taking care of their environment. But, this completely depends on the economic, social and educational status of a person. Hence, a clean environment can be achieved only by imparting good education and socio-economic changes.

Ecoreach Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, and non-government organization established on June 10, 2014. It is registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and has an affiliation with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. The foundation is committed to supporting smallholder farmers for the livelihood development, sustainable development.

Stop use of harmful pesticides

we have natural solutions


Develop and institutionalize the concept of organic agriculture, agro-tourism, Eco-friendly energy solution and climate smart agriculture in Nepal by mobilizing and empowering local community in rural income generating enterprises.


Eco-friendly agriculture and energy sector of Nepal leading to improvement of overall life quality of people.


Widen improved sustainable livelihood options for poor and disadvantaged communities in a gender-sensitive and environment-friendly manner.

Our Programmes

Disaster Management

Nepal is situated in the region vulnerable to natural disaster. Every year several natural disasters like earthquake, floods, and erosion happen. Main reasons of natural disasters in Nepal are due to active tectonic activities, young and fragile geology, a variable climatic condition depending on altitude, and unplanned settlement. The poor economic condition of the people […]

Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

Nepal has patriarchal social structure and the deep-rooted ethnic caste system. Women are excluded a group in Nepal and they have a very small role in decision making.  In spite of having rich and diverse cultural system discrimination among women, lower castes, and marginalized people has restricted the progress in most of the development sectors. Ecoreach […]

Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture is the backbone of Nepalese economy. Though the majority of Nepalese people are engaged in agriculture, farming system is a very subsistence type. Ecoreach Foundation is committed to helping farmers in order to commercialize their farming system. Similarly, food security is another sector where the projects of Ecoreach are focused. Most of the project of ecoreach […]

Environment & Environmental Health

A clean environment is essential for good health. There are several environmental related health issues caused by air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. Environmental health signifies the way of identifying and addressing the health problem related to the environmental issues. Ecoreach strives to prevent environmental pollution by creating awareness. According to to the report of […]

Livelihood improvement

The majority of Nepalese population live below the line of poverty. The main aim of Eco-reach foundation is to create a job for people using local skills and knowledge. Eco-reach will provide training for the people and help them to start income generating activities.

Natural Resources Management

Nepal is endowed with vast natural resources. In spite of huge natural resources, Nepalese people are not rich. Eco-reach have is committed to removing “resource curse”. Eco-reach will identify the way to wise natural resources wisely and without depleting them.

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