Development of Organic Farming in Nepal

Nepal is a mountainous country with plenty of natural beauties and an Agriculture-based economy with about 75% of the population being dependent upon agriculture. About 70% of the Nepali people are in the rural areas of the country where the main occupation is agriculture. A significant part of the population is dependent on this sector, […]

Stop use of pesticides

Pesticides have too many secrets that farmers normally don’t know. Pesticides not only kills harmful pests but also the useful organisms. Pesticides are not good for birds and aquatic animals. We have a natural way to prevent insect infestation. Why do we need to stop using pesticides? 1. Pesticides don’t solve pests problem for a […]

Stationary distribution to the children of Manohara slum

Eco-reach has distributed educational kits to the children living in a slum area of Manohara river. The main objective of the program was to help kids with some stationery materials including pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, compass, tape etc.  for their studies. Children were overjoyed after receiving such materials, it shows that they really want to study. […]

Blanket distribution to earthquake affected widows in Kuntabeshi, Kavre

This is another work recently done by the eco-reach foundation in Kuntabeshi, Kavre. As we all know, the consequence of the last year’s earthquake was very devastating and it has a severe impact on the life of people. Many people lost their lives, livelihood, house and almost everything. The eco-reach foundation helped people to get […]

Blanket Distribution in Slum

Eco-reach distributed blankets in the slum area of the Manohara river bordering Kathmandu and Bhaktapur district. People living in this slum area don’t have basic facilities for their daily life. They lack proper bedding, mattress or blankets to sleep. This is very hard, especially for small children. The people cannot survive the chilling cold in […]

Shawl distribution for women

This is also another work done by the eco-reach foundation. After the earthquake eco-reach has focused some of its activities in the slums in order to make their life little easy. Eco-reach has been conducting several activities like food and clothes distribution and environmental sanitation program.  On this particular event, shawls were distributed to the […]

Blankets and clothes distribution to earthquake victims in Koshi pari, Dolakha

As the consequences of the devastating earthquake in 2015 have created a humanitarian crisis in Nepal. Especially in the hilly and remote areas people are having a very difficult situation. Many people are left with nothing. Eco reach foundation tried to reach its hand to the people living in Koshi pari area of Dolakha district […]

Snacks distribution in slum area

These are the joyful faces of the people who are living in the slums. The eco-reach has tried to reach to the heart of the people in this region. No matter what is given to the people, the people are happy just to receive some humane feelings for them. The main act was giving milk […]

Clothes Distribution In Slums

This is another humanitarian aid of eco-reach for the people living in the slum area around Manohara river of Kathmandu valley. The main objective of this program was to help the people and children of slum area by providing them clothes. Most of the people of this slum cannot afford to buy clothes. Eco-reach has […]