Community Development


This is really touching part and kind act done by eco reach foundation. Eco-reach has distributed fiber blankets to the widow of Kavre village in Kavrepalanchowk district. Those women who got blankets were very happy and feel cared. However, the act of kindness was not sufficient because we could not help many. Among 1500 widow women , only 72 got the help in the ward 9. It is a very small effort when you compared with that big number. Widow women in Nepal have desperate life because they are single and they don't have someone to support. Moreover, they were already affected by the big earthquake last year.

This small help by the eco-reach foundation has brought some positive impact in the community. It showed some act of women empowerment in the region and made the people feel that widow women are also taken care and have value in the society, especially in a country like Nepal where widows are not treated well by the society.

Many children have become orphans due to the massive earthquake in last year. Eco-reach is committed to helping the people in difficult situations. There is nothing better than the feeling we get from helping the people in need.