What is Ecoreach?

Eco-reach foundation is a non-profit organization working in agriculture, environment and natural resources based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What are the main characteristics of Ecoreach?

Eco-reach Foundation has the following characteristics: It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization Eco-reach is self-governing, i.e., not controlled by Government. Board members are elected every two years by voting by the general assembly. It is run by highly specialized technicians and think-tanks of agriculture, environment, and natural resources management sectors.

What are the mission and vision of Ecoreach?

GOAL Develop and institutionalize the concept of organic agriculture, agro-tourism, Eco-friendly energy solution and climate smart agriculture in Nepal by mobilizing and empowering local community in rural income generating enterprises. VISION Eco-friendly agriculture and energy sector of Nepal leading to improvement of overall life quality of people. MISSION Widen improved sustainable livelihood options for poor […]

What are the main objectives of Ecoreach?

To be non-profitable, “beneficial-to-people” oriented, social organization. To research, mention and publish more on environmental conservation. To help conserve diversity and sort out measures to promote them. To help realize alternative energy source and develop that measure. To get to know bio-char, and other carbon-absorbing technologies; spreading that knowledge along with putting them into action […]

How to become a member of Ecoreach?

Any individual interested in becoming a member of Ecoreach can fill up the online membership form. One of our staff will reach you after getting your application.

Internship in Ecoreach

Internship Program Eco-reach offers internship opportunities year round. All the internships are for a minimum of 6 months and unpaid unless otherwise specified. All interns are responsible for their own travel and any other expenses associated with the internship. Most ERFnd internships focus on one or more of the following areas: event planning, education, Health, […]

How to volunteer with Ecoreach?

Interested individual for volunteering can send an email to the Eco-reach foundation. One of our staff will correspond you for the necessary arrangements. Currently, eco-reach seeks volunteer for sustainable agriculture, nature resources management, post-disaster management and livelihood improvement projects.

How organizations can collaborate with Ecoreach?

Eco-reach works in collaboration with several governmental, non-governmental organizations, civil societies, communities based organization, national and international partners and think-tanks of agriculture, environment, natural resources management and development sectors. International individuals and organization can express their interest of partnership by sending an email. Our staff will contact soon after getting an email.

What is the partnership system of Ecoreach?

Eco-reach works in partnership with other organizations in order to expand it’s work base. Eco-reach partners and co-sponsors include: government agencies, think tanks, universities and other educational/research institutions, student and youth organisations, business organisations, NGOs,and other relevant civil society organisations.