Objectives Of Eco-Reach

With the coordination of different related national and international organizations, we hereby have the following objectives to organize supportive programs under the existing laws of Nepal.

  • To be non-profitable, “beneficial-to-people” oriented, social organization.

  • To research, mention and publish more on environmental conservation.

  • To help conserve diversity and sort out measures to promote them.

  • To help realize alternative energy source and develop that measure.

  • To get to know bio char, and other carbon-absorbing technologies; spreading that knowledge along with putting them into action in the bio-agriculture sector.

  • To promote durable agricultural methods while still keeping in mind about the environmental cleanliness.

  • To deal with climate changes and its causes on agricultural sector with the help of new technologies and promoting them.

  • To research more on the current causes of imbalance in the environment and help control it.

  • To trade skill and support relating to environmental conservation, among people, organizations and universities, nationally and internationally.

  • To establish a rural area and organize activities to encourage tourism.

  • To know and establish environment-friendly measures to conserve water and land.

Work was done to achieve the organization’s purpose

The above-mentioned purposes of the organization will be fulfilled taking the following measures into consideration.

  • The organization shall only fulfill its objectives with the proper consent from sources relating to Nepal Laws and Acts.

  • The building necessary for organization, shall either be taken on rent, or lease, or be constructed. Similarly, things like computer, typewriter, fax, telephone, etc. that are required in any organization inclusive of transportation facilities shall be purchased, or taken on rent and be used. The things as such that are used in an organization shall be used even if it is gifted.

  • The organization shall hire employees as and when needed; the salary and obligations that they receive shall be decided promptly.

  • The organization shall organize different programs with assistance from other similar organizations and shall also trade support and suggestions.

  • To research more on environmental cleanliness and help promote awareness among people by holding up meetings, etc.

Organization’s Existence

This organization shall not deviate from its vision, and objectives, nor will it search for motives to gain profit.