Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture is the backbone of Nepalese economy. Though the majority of Nepalese people are engaged in agriculture, farming system is a very subsistence type. Ecoreach Foundation is committed to helping farmers in order to commercialize their farming system. Similarly, food security is another sector where the projects of Ecoreach are focused. Most of the project of ecoreach aim to commercialize farming system and develop entrepreneurship among the smallholder farmers. Food security is an important issue in several parts of Nepal. Ecoreach projects prioritize to identify marginalize land and help farmers for land conservation and it’s sustainable use. Ecoreach promotes agroforestry in such area. Ecoreach has found prospects of livestock farming in hilly and mountain region of Nepal which can be very important in solving food security issues. 

Open data for agriculture development

For the developing countries like Nepal openness of data sharing is very important in agricultural development. For modernization in farming system in Nepal, farmers need to learn new technology. In this context, sharing of data related to soil, climate, crops etc. is very important. Ecoreach aims to establish a database in farming system and deliberately disseminate the data to farmers in most understandable form.